About us

Hidden Samples is an online store specialized in fragrance samples of the most recognized brands in the market and also in Arabian brands that offers the opportunity to buy decants of a large number of different brands and types of fragrances to try them in a fun and cheapest way.
This idea was born from the need to be able to try expensive, rare or difficult to find fragrances in physical shops or in the most common perfumery shops and thus avoid buying blindly with the inconvenience of not knowing beforehand if it's really the fragrance you were expecting with the expense that this entails.
This way not only can you save on the purchase of these wonderful perfumes by trying them beforehand, but you can also get to know the most popular, iconic or niche fragrances and have a fantastic olfactory experience by trying several fragrances at the same time and discover your favourite perfumes as well as the most suitable and special ones for each occasion.
These samples also give you the possibility to travel or move around in a small format so you can take your favourite fragrances with you anywhere or at any time!