French Coffee

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  • Concentration: Eau de Parfum
  • Olfactive family: Sweet Gourmand
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Brand: Al Rehab
  • Notes: Coffee, chocolate, brandy, floral notes, cocoa, vanilla, woody notes and musk.

French Coffee - hiding its seductively gourmet content in a metallic brown bottle, as the name suggests, will seduce and enchant you with coffee. Magical French Coffee does not present us black and bitter coffee, but gourmet coffee - such a "delicious" cappuccino, with a large layer of milk foam, decorated with cocoa and a pinch of cinnamon. On a plate with added almonds in dark chocolate, for that sinful feeling and delicious enjoyment. Echoes of sweet vanilla and a few lumps of caramelized sugar at the end also add to the coffee aroma.

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French Coffee

This rating is based on personal preference and does not judge the quality of the fragrance. Very strong artificial coffee scent in the opening. It is a Torani syrup coffee candy essence with a bit of grape cough syrup and hazelnut flavored Baileys Irish Cream mixed in. It is not the full-bodied bitter chocolatey aroma of Arabica that you get when you sniff a fresh ground batch of coffee grounds. The synthetic notes remain longer than the gourmet ones, however with some time it mellows out. Kind of fun actually, in a not serious way. Points for novelty and it might be nice for layering!

Sharon Njeru

French Coffee

Vanda Pereira

Love it.

Capuchino dulce gourmand

Para que se hagan una idea, huele exactamente a capuchino dulce. Es como si tuvieses un café capuchino derramado encima, es muy muy dulce y a mi particularmente es un olor que me gusta muchísimo pero no me veo yo oliendo a esto ni mucho menos. Pedí la muestra y reconozco que nunca había olido un perfume así. Esta muy pero que muy conseguido, aunque pienso que no durará quizás mucho en piel. Es un aroma para amantes de lo gourmand, muy aconsejable!

A Gourmand Vanillic, caramelized sugar coffee scent.

Smells like a sugary sweet cup of coffee. Like you literally spilt coffee and Vanilla on yourself. Not quite what I was expecting, I was looking for a layering combo for Coffee Break from Maison Margiela. My 6 year old loves it though lol